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  Normal Resin
  Professional Resin
  Other Type
  Chromatography using polyamide resin
Cangzhou Bon Adsorber Technology Co., LTD.
Manager:Mr Yanzhijun 15631709666
Sales manager:Mrs. Zhang 13722761816
Sales manager:Mr Zhou 15383372715
Add:No. 18 east the Yellow River Road, Cangzhou development zone.
Mail: 378661157@qq.com(Mr.Zhou)


HPD200A type adsorption resin: (nonpolar) 

USES: ginseng saponins sanqi (panax notoginseng) saponins gynostemma pentaphyllum saponins d. saponins nucleoside lamps spend grain astragalus rhodiola (five and a thorn tree (like a nucleoside alkali centella asiatica grape seed proanthocyanidin extract pine bark extract danshen root extract geniposide alfalfa extract cranberries, black rice pigment alcohol extract tomato extract balsam pear extracts extract dandelion siraitia grosvenorii pomegranate seed extract BaiLiu bark extract broomrape extract BaiJu hangzhou extract echinacea extract water extract molting soap Angle hormone barrenwort extract red flower extracts extract altogether ShiSuan alkaloids etc, the extraction and separation of the composition


Performance index: appearance: white opaque spherical particles

Particle size: (0.3- 1.25 mm)

Water: 65-75

Wet depending on the density: 0.65-0.75 g/ml

Wet true density: 1.03- 1.07 g/ml

The apparent density: 0.27-0.34 g/ml

Average pore size: 85-90 A

Than surface: 700-750 m2 / g

Suggest operating conditions: the highest use temperature: 150 / C

Adsorption velocity: 1-4 BV/hr

Desorption flow rate: 0.6 -2 BV/hr

Desorption agent: 2 -3 BV

Desorption agent varieties: ethanol or ethanol solution